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What is forex news?

Forex news is means about some special financial news. There is nothing special definition for forex news, but there are many effects in forex trading. We know that the forex market is open 24 hours a day, it's highly tough to trade appropriately without knowing about the market volatility.

Professional traders are trading in Forex on base the basis of forex news which we are calling news trading. There are some websites available on the internet which is publishing news that can affect forex trading. In this article, we will try to cover the best forex news websites and news trading. Let's start with news trading.

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Commonly used trading charts in Forex trading

This chart is used most time while a trading making a technical analysis report. The chart consists of vertical bars representing the high

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What is currency forward in forex trading?

The forward contract is a derivative transaction that is negotiated with the goal of reducing or eliminating exposure to risk.

Most Useful Forex Tool for Currency Traders

No matter what experience level you belong to in the world of the foreign exchange market,

How to Export Data from Metatrader via DDE server

The Metatrader terminal is one of the forex trading tools and is responsible for retrieving the quotations of the prices that you can get from your broker server.

Export Using Forex Tools for Beginners

Metatrader is the most popular forex tool that is used in the foreign exchange market has many features that a trader can take advantage of.

Moving average crossover trading strategy in forex

The essence of this trading strategy is to find any two MA lines with different periods. It is suitable for use on the chart timeframe

Pivot point trading strategy in forex

Pivot points are price projections that reflect the balance of probabilities, but not certainty, at any given time.

Parabolic SAR trading strategy in forex trade

As you can see, applying this indicator to 30 min charts works pretty much the same way as it does on 5 min ones.

What are stop-loss orders in forex trading?

Overall, stop-loss orders are beneficial for those traders who are trading as part-time traders. However,

Forex Trading Strategy: Scalping

This is one of the biggest markets in the world, and there are a lot of people who want to succeed in forex.

Learning Forex Terminology

Therefore, every trader seeking to succeed in the market should master the Forex terminology perfectly, of course, if you do not want to be fooled.

Forex vs Stocks – What is the Key Differences between them?

There are many peoples who thought that, forex and stocks market is similar but the word is not correct properly.

Bad Habits in Your Forex Trading

Forex trading is a challenging career choice. Whether you are a beginner or expert trader, you need to know how to manage your time and effort spent on the market

Top Trading Psychological Tips to Win Each Trade

Only plans can bring success you have to follow a proper way to succeed in trading.

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) Trading for Beginner Traders

CFDs are agreements between 2 traders to pay or receive the difference between the selling and buying contract values.

Forex Terminology, Leverage and Margin Explained for Forex Traders

Here at FxDailyIno we want you to be as well-equipped as you can be and understanding words such as these will only make this a whole lot easier.

Select the Best CFD Broker for You in 2022

Some persons rely completely on their brokers, while others simply use them for advice as needed.

How to Select a Good CFD Trading Broker

This, in turn, will depend on your experience in the market, how risk-averse you are, and how much you can afford to risk.

What Areas Do You Need to Focus on and What to Avoid as a CFD Trader?

We all make decisions differently however, a CFD trader must be aware of some basic guidelines when investing.

CFD Currency Trading Guides for Beginners

Not many persons know that you can trade foreign exchange using a CFD account. This would be called a currency CFD

How to Fund Forex Live Trading Account

After you have practiced on your demo account, you must choose a broker for your forex live trading account.

Best CFD Brokers Trading Platform for UK Traders

The market values billions of dollars. In fact, the two major CFD brokers UK are among the largest in the world

Why CFD options trading is good?

When some think about CFD trading, they automatically think of the futures market. In reality, however,

Get Reliable Free Forex Trading Signals

Forex signals providers are sending signals privately; its could be in various ways. For example, they can be sent to you by email, phone, or social media.

Types of forex scams in forex trading

Commingling in forex trading refers to the practice of a broker or other financial institution in which an investor trades Forex.

What is forex news trading?

There are many reasons for news trading in Forex, but market volatility is the most important thing. Every news is making effects on the market. Still, some special news refers to most considerable economic data like GDP inflation. That's why traders tend to monitor such releases considered to be of high importance.

However, many of them are publishing on a pre-determined date. Traders are taking advantage of it and making forecasts based on it. The good news is you don't need to obtain a Ph.D. degree to find economic data. There are a lot of websites publishing financial data calendars for forex traders. You can follow them to use making a proper forecast.

Major Impacts of Forex news in the market

Before publishing significant news to peoples every trading volume, we have seen that higher spreads and lower liquidity show a considerable change in their prices. It is happening because of the liquidity providers.

Most of the time, retail traders are not eligible to understand the outcome of news events. As a result, they are losing capital in the forex market. On the other hand, experienced traders are getting extra profits at the same time.

Top forex news releases websites

Many forex websites are available on the internet provides forex news, but some are so good for traders. Here are the top 5 forex news websites which are helpful for traders.


It is one of the best forex news websites for beginner to advanced traders. It was founded in the year 2000. It is an independent portal about publishing forex news and economic data calendars. You can visit them for updates and analyses about the forex market.


Forexlive.com It's a US-based forex news website; it was founded in 2008. It is creating trading charts based on the current time releases news. If you are a newbie, you have to learn about them first to understand their working procedure.


Forex Factory is a genius forex traders forum that publishes the best compelling forex news on the platform daily. There are a lot of professional traders available where they are making prediction and publishing most effective information.


If you visit Fxstreet and Dailyfx, you will be confused because they look almost similar in every section. Both websites are publishing the best economic data and forecasts for traders. If you search on the Google by using the keyword "forex news," these two websites will come first.


This a significant platform for learning about financial business and forex trading. It was founded in 2007 by some great financial analysts. They also publish forex news and forecasts regularly, for their particular working procedure is becoming more popular day by day. They post content with real-life examples, which is very effective for a user to understand the thing.

Forex news trading is very complex for newbie traders. If you are not experienced in forex trading, don't go for news trading. Be aware of your trades; otherwise, you could be lost your capital in a while. There are also some other websites available for traders which is helpful for traders like Baby Pips, FxEmpire, Forex news, and EarnForex you can follow any of them or everyone to get best results in your trading.