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What are Forex Trading Robots ?

Forex trading robots are software that can handle currency trading processes for users. Considered as a strategic artificial intelligence application in the field of trading

What is an Elliot Wave Analysis ?

Elliot wave analysis is a means of predicting the direction of currencies, enabling to reduce risk and maximize returns

What is a Forex Market Cycle ?

Market cycle is a term that refers to forex market trends that repeat after a certain time period

What are ECNs in Forex Trading ?

Electronic Communication Network (ECN) is a term coined by financial pundits to refer to a computer platform that allows traders to trade without directly interacting

What Is Hedging in Forex Trading ?

Basically, Hedging is used to protect one s position and the trading capital in a currency pair from an unfavorable rapid move

Determinants of the Forex Currency Rate

The forex market is the worlds largest financial market. It is, basically, the hub where forex currency rates are set.

Top 3 Best Forex trading strategies in 2021

Everywhere peoples are following different working strategies because successful strategies make your tasks easier

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Get $30 Forex Welcome No Deposit Bonus JustForex

Top Forex Indicators in the forex world

Forex indicator is one of the most important forex trading tools for forex traders, forex indicators are using to forecas

Day Trading in the live Forex Market

Simply its a short-term forex trading strategy, and day trading strategy is one of the most popular trading strategies for retail traders.

The Art of Forex Trading Entry and Exit Points

Trading in forex is a risky business. In fact, 90% of the traders in forex suffer losses each day. The reasons can be traced to bad decision-making

What You Should Know About ISO Currency Codes

Every currency is assigned a code by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO currency codes are recognized

Best Forex scalping strategy in 2021

Forex scalping is a very good way to earn some money quickly from forex trading. There are so many techniques are available in the market for forex scalping here

How to Choose the Best Online Course

Forex is a trendy investing market for both investors and traders. Over 5.1 trillion currency traded in a day here. Its one of the biggest liquidity markets in the world.

What is Scalping in Forex Trading

Simply its a forex trading strategy used by forex traders to make profits within a short movement of currency pairs.

Swing forex trading tips for beginners

Swing trading is a specialist type of trading that aims to increase the probability of profit as prices move from one level to another.

Forex trading: Tips on Investing in Advanced Currency Markets

Brokers in developed markets should provide technical support to customers in all the major countries.

Benefits of Weekend Forex Analysis in Forex Trading

This market is considered unique due to various factors, including high liquidity (because of huge trading volumes), geographical dispersion, and the use of leverage

What is the Role of Economic Indicators in the Forex Market

Numerous economic factors create this ongoing volatility. These factors occur due to changes in the policies of governments and/or private organizations

What is the Importance of Forex Alerts in Forex Trading

In the highly volatile forex market, trends change at a rapid pace. Traders have to be on their toes to stay abreast of these changes to modify their forex trading decisions correspondingly

What is Intraday Forex Trading

Forex trading is fast becoming the most popular method of making money online. After all, who would not like to have a share of the 5.1 trillion daily turnover of the forex market?

One of the most effective Forex trading strategies

One of the most effective Forex trading strategies is to trade breakouts. Big bullish trends usually last long and yield huge profits if traders know how to get into it.

How to Save Money and Make Profits in Forex Trading

Research well to identify the best forex rates. Tracking exchange rates is especially useful if you transfer money often.

Best Forex Trading Tips for Beginners

To decrease the chances of losing money in forex trading, traders must get the necessary knowledge and information from the right sources.

Why You Should Trade in Foreign Exchange Market

Several traders also use foreign exchange software programs for forex trading. These reliable systems work round-the-clock to trade automatically on the traders’ behalf.

5 Most Common Forex Trading Myths

Several “experts” promise to multiply your investment exponentially within a few months. Besides, several forex trading myths are circulating online

Top 3 types of forex trading styles

Suitable for both experienced and novice traders, scalping involves fast and repeated purchase and sale of currencies to make profits.

How to Become a Forex Trader

Success in forex trading begins with goal setting. So, start by determining your purpose of becoming a forex trader. Think whether you consider it as a hobby or are encouraged by its risk element

5 Effective Forex Hedging Tips

Risk analysis and tolerance: Traders must analyze their risk to determine which trade to hedge. Usually, only those trades are hedged that have a high risk or when the risk has changed

Different type of Forex Bonuses: traders need to know

Many forex brokers are available in the forex market, and they are offering bonuses in various names. But there are some common bonuses available