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MogaFX 15% Forex Trading Bonus Promotion

The bonus of 15% on deposits

for those who participate:

A client can receive up to a 15% deposit bonus after he or she makes a deposit and completes the required lots. A bonus reward will be given based on what is actually received in an MT4 account. In order to convert Bonus into Cash, you need to meet the following requirements.

An example is below.

The deposit amount is $1,000, the bonus amount is 10%, and there is a 14.4% bonus requirement.

Let's calculate it.

1000 * 10% = $100 The deposit amount is $1,000.

A trade volume of $100*14% equals 14 lots.

For every 14 lots completed, you will receive $100 cash.

Example 2

In this case, the deposit is $4,000, the bonus is 15%, and the bonus requirements are 16%.%


$400*15% = $600 When depositing $4,000, the bonus is 15%.

Trade volume = 96 lots when depositing $600*16%

You will be rewarded $600 Cash once you have completed 96 lots.

Please see the following terms:

Clients will not see the rewarded bonus right away after they make a deposit in MT4. As in the old system, the bonus is rewarded in its entirety after the 60-calendar-day expires, the client applies for it, the system conducts calculations, and the requirements of the bonus are confirmed.

Bonus orders are not counted as follows:

Orders that hedge (1 buy, 1 sell) will be considered 1 order rather than two orders.

When the order is active for less than ten minutes, it is not counted.

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